Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm here to stay

Through the window of my car
Through the window of that place
I could see you sitting there
Staring blankly into space
I could feel the thoughts inside
Filling you and skipping me
I could see you try to smile
While your heart has skipped a beat
Watching you take a sip
From your cup of diet coke
I was wondering what you’d think
While alone or on a walk
No one came until you left
You were dining on your own
I’m not sure of what that meant
Why worry and think alone?
Just talk to me and tell me how
Your thoughts are all nothing but one
And tell me all about right now
The things you plan, the games you won
Come to me with all your fears
And I will make it all alright
And it’s ok to shed a tear
But for your dream we’ll always fight
And in the WE there’s you and me
So let me help you when you’re down
And don’t worry it’s all for free
I want your smile to replace this frown
Why solidarity when I’m here
To be your second line of thoughts
Why stick yourself up to your knees
When we have done it once before
Every day I realize
That my belief in you is great
Just focus your mind and set it right
You’ll be much more than you anticipate
You can always do what you set your mind to
And obstacles have never stood in your way
Just give me a call and that will be all
If you care enough then I’m here to stay.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A girl and The boy

She was this little girl
Walking life’s many roads
A white heart like a Perl
And visions made of gold
She always had her open heart
Until it was forced closed
And as soon as she gave up the search
In walked HE through the door
Her comfort, smile and happiness
All wrapped up in one
She didn’t know it right then
But he knew she was the one
He saw her heart, he loved her smile
Her innocence was intense
And as soon as he could give it a try
He caught her and asked her to dance
It wasn’t normal dancing not full of ups and downs
A once in a life experience spontaneity and peace of mind
Not only that but she fell into him although she tried to hide
And then her eyes from a shade of black
To the brightest shade of white
The deeper they dove the more they thought less
And to both of them a surprise
That in her eyes his happiness within
And hers is in his eyes
A mere feeling of satisfaction
Rained all over them in the absence of action
As they got closer, the time seemed to fade
And in many months, will be their next date
The hardest of times
This period would be
But as the time flies
Discoveries are clear
One day she woke up and felt a reality
That this kind of love is the best that there can be
A love that fulfills her into a better art
That it gives her strength to be her own start
She stood on a mountain and whispered to space
Simple words from her heart, time can not erase

You are who you are
And I am me
By being yourself
My feelings are free
I don’t need you here
Because I have to
I want to need you
Because we are true
You light up my world
With you I’m secure
I haven’t been happier
A happiness so pure
I am a new me
Now that I’m with you
And you are my power
To help us get through
A source of my energy
And you don’t even know
How your simple word
Can help my soul glow
I Love you because and without any reasons
And I’ll wait for you through out all the seasons

She finished her whispers and came back to earth
To know that he was never to be compared
As everything else had something in common
Except unique him, the first of all of it
The one thing he had similarities with
Is her long life dream of the guy that she missed
And their story lives
To a hopeful non end
Days of new beginnings
May god help extend

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

will u be lost...

Was it ten years ago?
When was the last time?
Was it on your wedding day?
No!.. no it was on mine
I remember it well and how it smelled
That day is carved like stone
I remember how you smilled at me
and then you were simply gone
I remember on your wedding day
As I watched you dance
I cried that day though I was ok
I was happy you found romance
But I knew right then that you; my friend
will never be the same
And I also knew that our friendship would end
And non of us is to blame
I loved you so much
A love like such
can't ever be compared
To any other love or any kind of feelings
That I might have once shared
Thats why I'm shaken
Yes, I'm not mistaken
Ten years have passed since then
I didn't expect to see you today
and start wondering since when!
Infact I didn't expect us
to easily grow apart
I was so sure we'd stay bestfriends
coz I held you dear in my heart
But between our weddings and after mine
we've talked a couple of times
You called once and I called once
now I have to break the ice
I don't know what to do
when all I want is to pull you close
and tell you how much I missed you
So many things I have to ask
Like what are your childrens' names
Are they as cute, do they know me
Are they driving you insane
So many times I said before
that I would marry you
But Even If! I know the truth
It was never the same for you
Now I'm walking up to my former bestfriend
with a genuine smile on my face
He looks at me with a plastic smile
trying to figure out a phrase
what will the first word be
exchanged hellos, then he again goes
or seeing me will make him happy...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Just a storyy...

And he’ll be a story
Like all the others I say
Somebody will be told about him
That he’s a guy who didn’t stay
I’ll say it’s a phase that I passed through
I’ll say they were wasted moments of my life
I’ll say “OH I REMEMBER, he’s a guy I knew!”
We were good friends and it’ll be just like
I never loved him, like I never cared
Like there weren’t stories that we once had shared
It will be like all those moments we’ve had
Are merely just moments and that is just that
It will be as if there never was chemistry
As if I never missed how he took care of me
It will just be a pile of love
That eventually went to waste
Because a mutual feeling of trust
Was never really based
Well I think that Is life
People come and go
In and out and in again
But you never really know
You may have all those friends
And think that you’re cared about
But then you fall in over your head
And there’s no one to bail you out
And when someone asks and says he’ll be there
Words are too cheap; he doesn’t really care
Coz caring means promises
Are bound to be kept
Many people said they’ll be there
And then they simply left
Neither giving excuses
Nor leaving a note
After swearing they wouldn’t hurt you
They leave you all distort
And he’ll be a story like all the others
And I know that he won’t even bother
To write him self into the story of my life
Coz he’s just like them
He just wants to seem nice
Surrounded by a million people
But yet so alone
No extremely high spirit
And only I can pull out my own
At least now I know to never expect
People to treat me with the same respect
Never wait for any action
Never be the reaction
I’ll have fun and I’ll be happy
But inside I’ll be alone
For that the illusion of what you would be
Is now completely gone…

P.S. this is about noone in particular its just the out come of a million feelings inside me that were caused by a billion situations that got me to that conclusion about the human nature in general... very few people who become able to escape that nature and be something else.

Monday, August 13, 2007

I'm sure I haven't met him yet...

I’m sure I haven’t met him yet
This guy who haunts my dreams
Not in the people that I’ve met
No matter how right they seemed
That guy who’d drive me home at night
Then doesn’t leave till I’m gone…
The one who’d give me his coat
When the rain is pouring on
Not because what people may think
Not to prove that he’s man
But because my warmth to him
Makes him warmer than a coat can
He’d ask me "how are you?”
And really want to know
He’d respect my plans
And his care he’d show
He would believe in me
He would believe in us
A building we built together
Forever and no one’s boss
I’d see him full of passion
As he looked in my eyes
He wouldn’t promise me forever
His dreams he won’t disguise
He’d ask me to be there for him
When he feels that he’s weak
Our words would mean so much
No awkwardness when we don’t speak
I’d love him with all my heart and soul
And he would see me true
Without an offer he’d give his all
He’d be all I ever knew
We’d have the peace and quiet
I’ve been always looking for
And at the same time we’d go everywhere
Do everything that we adore
He’d fill me up as he listened to me
As between our heart is a door
He could come into mine
And I will open his more
He’d know who I am, respect my thoughts
And he would let me be
Coz we’ll be together with all our parts
But both of us will be free…
To you whom I’ve never met
I miss you even more
More than when I didn’t know
That you’re what I needed at all.

Monday, July 16, 2007

With pleasure but just a second...

It would be my pleasure to let you go…It’s all I want to do
It would be great to have my peace… but I have to let you know
Even if it wasn’t the same

Even if it made you blue
Loving you was full of thrills
And it gave me a feeling so pure
I didn’t need you to love me at all
My smiles would catch me… if you let me fall
It was more than a pleasure… to be in love with you
Even if you didn’t know… it was really true
It bugs me to see it becoming a past
When I thought that’s it… I found you at last
But if I found something even you can’t see
How can I ever have it for me?
How can I hold on to a truth unknown?
How can I be in love… with a you that’s not shown?
That is if it is even there
To be frank I’m not sure I am being fair
I know your feelings are less than you show
I know I’m just asking for what you don’t know
I know you don’t love me
I know you don’t care
I know you want to treat me right
You don’t want to be unfair
I know I seem so crazy to you
I know you don’t understand
But loving you was not by choice
It was simply my heart’s demand
And what intrigued my soul even more
Is that it was a feeling never felt before
That feeling at first of total security
Although I knew you loved her with purity
When you told me to hold on and wait
At the beginning I didn’t hesitate
To fall into seas of an unknown fate
But then I got afraid of my shaken state
It’s scary I trusted you from the start
It’s strange that I knew it so deep in my heart
That you would take good care of me
And you told me what I craved will easily be
Maybe that’s why I am holding on
Because of your promise when it all begun
I still believe you when you talked with such confidence
And I am sure it is no coincidence
And although I know all what I just said
I’m still asking should I let it end.
Should I let it fade away from my head… now that it is easy to be just your friend?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

just let me dance in peace

Around and around in circles
around eachother and far away
I was waiting for a miracle
and he was not eager to stay
I kept dreaming, kept on wondering
how my heart could be ok
thinking of ways to avoid the suffering
and not to bother him in any way
then the games kept on progressing
from my side and he didn't know
I had to act and be dismissing
while from my thoughts he wouldn't go
he never asked and he said nothing
but I said all whats on my mind
he said we're friends why all the thinking
I said in my mind u're SO much more
he didn't get my fear of trauma
though I had explained it before
realizing I was dancing in a drama
waltzing through life on a bumpy dance floor
and after that I told him I missed him
and he told me he sensed me no more
he said he felt guilty in moments like these
I smiled and I told him just let me dance in peace...